• Bruidsschort van de Miao

    The ethnic minorities of China have produced fanciful, colorful costumes with distinctive flavors. They display superlative embroidery, brocading and batik. Most costume items or accessories are decorated with flowers, birds and animals from the surrounding landscape -- anthropomorphic and zoomorphic images that are often abstracted. Traditional auspicious designs appear, even among patterns that are completely geometric. Some parts of these minority groups, particularly the Miao, migrated southward into Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, where they are known as H'mong. Yao groups are also numerous on both sides of the border and produce similar textiles in both areas.
  • Miao girls of Guizhou Province doing cross-stitch embroidery.

    Small embroidered panels were often worked separately, then attached to garments--to sleeves, shoulder areas and along the front closures. This of course allowed the work to be done conveniently outdoors. Among this particular Miao group, elaborately decorated aprons have been an important costume item.
    [photo-text from: www.marlamallett.com/ ]
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