boerenzakdoek russia,
blue . white . red
60 x 60 cm
oil on canvas
©arttrust 2009


since 2000 officially

The flag of Russiaor officially, the State Flag of the Russian Federation: is a tricolour flag of three equal horizontal fields, white on the top, in the middle and red on the bottom. The flag was first used as an ensign for merchant and war ships and only became official in 1896. The flag continued to be used by the Russian Provisional Government (/wiki/Russian_Provisional_Government) even after the Tsar (/wiki/Tsar_of_Russia) was toppled in the February Revolution and was not replaced until the October Revolution (/wiki/October_Revolution) which established a Bolshevik (/wiki/Bolshevik) government. From that time period, a red flag (/wiki/Red_flag) charged with communist symbols was favoured over the tricolour. It was not until the collapse of the Soviet Union (/wiki/Collapse_of_the_Soviet_Union) in 1991 that the tricolour was brought back as the official flag of the new Russian Federation (/wiki/Russian_Federation) . The modern era flag underwent a slight change in 1993 and has been official since 2000. The flag of Russia uses the Pan-Slavic colours of red, blue and white and most likely is the reason why they were chosen.

source: wikipedia